Fuzzy Fruit Helps Battle Breast Cancer


Billions of dollars in research… Countless campaigns to raise awareness… Untold loss of life… No cure. Big Pharma still doesn’t have an answer for breast cancer… Yet breast cancer research has received nearly twice as much funding as any other form of cancer.1 It only goes to show that the weapons … [Read more...]

The Medicine that Kills Cancer


Eastern medicine has deemed this plant the “medicine of kings.”¹ And it’s proving to be just that. Traditional Chinese Medicine has rated it as the top medicinal herb for over 2,000 years. It’s that powerful.² The journal Integrative Cancer Treatments published a study on the dried powder of … [Read more...]

Coffee Does What?


The evidence keeps piling up. The drink most health “experts” warn you to stay away from is actually a proven cancer-fighter. Researchers know the drink can lower your risk of developing certain cancers including prostate cancer. In 2011, a Harvard study found that men who drink 1-3 cups daily … [Read more...]

The Cancer Fighting SuperWeed


You’ve probably cut it or pulled it out of your lawn a hundred times without even thinking about it. It grows like crazy. But this “weed” is actually not a weed at all. It’s a flowering plant that’s both a healthy food and a potent medicine. It’s packed full of vitamins and minerals like iron, … [Read more...]

Snacks can actually lower your cancer risk!

Heap of Walnuts

Snacking on a certain food helps prevent pancreatic cancer, even if you have other risk factors. It’s one of the deadliest forms of cancer but this common food can reduce your risk of developing it by 35 percent. And it only takes a handful twice a week. Of course, if you’re inactive, smoke, … [Read more...]